Effective Communication Networking

Communication is an important element in our day to day activities from giving instructions to having casual talks with colleagues. The way you communicate and the way you carry yourself has always had a great impact on your business than you ever imagined. Any person can communicate but not all can have effective communication. It doesn’t matter whether you are the smartest person, you can always be an intellect but sometimes you find no one wants to work with you.

Ever ask yourself why people do not want to relate with you?

One of the most common problem when it comes to this is that you may not be an effective communicator.

Although most business people tend to possess the skill of effective communication naturally, some need to acquire this skill through learning. Why is effective communication so important? Are you looking forward to growing or expanding your network? Possessing effective communication skills may not be an option for you as this is an essential aspect when it comes to networking.

What is networking?

Networking is a process where you reach to others with a goal of creating a mutual bond or relationship. Networking involves the building of professional and personal connections in a range of ways from relationships that you create in conferences and seminars to casual bonds created in old fashioned ways.

How is networking important?

Networking is a crucial tool that will allow you to build connections that are going to serve as references that are useful or they can even be a great referral for various business opportunities to available job opportunities. Networking is not only going to be a connection where you just share information but it will create a platform where you will also share insights in various areas in relation to the areas of expertise of the individual. Although the time taken to build a stable relationship may be long, once you have established a strong relationship with various individuals, you will see great changes in your business with time.

As a networker, there are various practices that you need to put into consideration and this is crucial as it will help you to maximize your networking effort. One of the most essential practices that should always be considered is that you need to have a specific goal or reasons why you need to build a certain connection. After identifying your purpose you can then identify your audience that you are interested in and it here that you need to consider what you are going to offer rather than what you are going to receive in return. How then are you going to create this connection to become a stable relationship where you can easily share insights and information? The only solution to establishing is through effective communication.

What is effective communication?

Effective communication is not about how well you can speak or how well you know your vocabulary or how you are great at using sophisticated phrases, effective communication is the use of certain words that will enable you to create a bond with the person or persons that you are talking to. Often, effective communication is based on how well you can listen rather than how good you are at speaking.

If you give people the opportunity to speak what is in their mind and then ask the right questions, you will be surprised how the other party would love to extend your conversation further. When networking, you are showcasing your personality more than the knowledge you posses and as a result when you ask the right questions rather than trying to answer all the question asked, you are showing a better intelligence sign. The more engaging you make the conversation to be, the more successful you will be at creating networks. 

When answering questions that you have been asked, it is important that you keep them short and precise rather than giving long answers that the other party may not be interested in. It is also important that you always push the conversation back to the other party as this will show that you have a genuine interest in what the other party saying or how they are conducting their businesses and this will enable to keep you in mind and remember you in future in case an opportunity arises somewhere.

Another important aspect of effective communication is that you should never make a mistake of knocking someone else in order to build yourself, rather any negative opinion that you have about someone should be kept to yourself. Badmouthing someone else may give the one you are speaking to a bad representation of you. How sure are they going to be that you will not be badmouthing them in future?

When it comes to networking, always show the best representation of who you are through effective communication from how you are dressed to your non-verbal cues to everything that you are going to do during the entire period of the conversation. When you meet people always set your best foot forward as people tend to create opinions of you that will take weeks to months to change.